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Revitalising Sun-Damaged Hair After the Holidays


The holidays are a time for relaxation and joy, but they can be harsh on your hair. Extended exposure to the sun, sea salt, and chlorine can lead to dehydrated, dry, and lacklustre locks. If you’ve returned from your break with damaged hair, this guide will provide actionable tips to revitalise it.

The Symptoms

  • Dryness and brittleness
  • Faded colour
  • Split ends
  • Lack of shine
  • Tangled and difficult to manage

Understanding the Damage

UV Exposure

Direct sunlight can break down the proteins in your hair, leading to dryness and colour fading.

Saltwater and Chlorine

Both can strip natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle.

Inadequate Protection

Neglecting to use sun-protective hair products can exacerbate the damage.

Treatment Options

Hair Assessment

Book an appointment with a haircare professional for a comprehensive analysis and tailored treatment plan.

Deep Conditioning

Opt for a deep conditioning treatment to infuse moisture back into your hair.

Hair Masks

Consider using a hair mask rich in natural oils and vitamins to restore your hair’s health.

Hair Oils

Products like argan oil and coconut oil can be applied to help nourish the hair.

Professional Treatments

Salon treatments like hair botox can deliver instant results in revitalising damaged hair.


Revitalising your hair after holiday damage is crucial to maintain its health and appearance. Simple, effective treatments are available, and professional advice can provide a tailored solution.

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